at home and in trouble

Week 1; Day 8

Day 9

Mom is home from the hospital again, but now she's kind of mad at me because I asked if I could stay with Marion for a few more days. Mom doesn't seem like she's well yet.

When I got to Marion's this afternoon, her mom said Mom was at our house, and I could gather up my things and go home. It was nicer than that, it wasn't like "Get out!" So I called Mom and asked if I could stay one more night.

Mom's voice was really weird, sort of flat and "whatever".

I said I wanted to finish a jigsaw puzzle with Marion, although truthfully it was that I just didn't want to go home. Marion's folks may talk about oddball things at dinner, but they're really nice. I feel safe here.

So I went over to our house, but I left my extra clothes and my books at Marion's so I'd have an excuse to go back. Mom was sitting in front of the TV, just kind of staring into space. The TV wasn't on.

She wouldn't make a decision about dinner, and she looked so strange when I said I left my books over at Marion's that I just said goodnight and walked out of the room. Instead of going to my bedroom, I went out the hall window and down the fire escape.

Marion's mom thinks Mom knows I'm here. I guess I'll be in trouble when Mom notices I'm gone. But who knows when that will happen? I just want to stay somewhere where people don't go off into crying jags and then do things that hurt the people around them.

I'll probably go home tomorrow.


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