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Day 17

Mom sounded very strange again this morning while I made breakfast.

I used the turkey roll from last night, and some cheese and eggs to make a fancy omelet, and served it with some cranberry jelly. Mom took one bite, set her plate down, and didn't pick it up again.

It was a good omelet, too. I learned how to make them from Mrs. Armeer who used to live next door.

I gave Mom her present, and she started crying again. It was a weird kind of crying, too, like she didn't really have enough tears or energy any more. It was a little bit scary.

She just held the package on her lap, and let her tears fall onto the wrapping paper.

Finally I reached over and tore the end off the package, and pulled out the gloves. I put them in her lap and went into the kitchen, got some turkey for Lop and came up here.

It feels like I don't have any parents any more. Merry Christmas.


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