i want to sing in a choir

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Last night was amazing. The church party was a choir recital, then all kinds of Christmas goodies in the church hall.

There must have been 300 people there! I didn't know there were so many people who would leave their families to get together at church on Christmas Eve eve.

Meg said, "Don't be silly, their families are here too."

Jack sings in the church choir, and he said he can get me a try-out next year. I don't have to belong to the church, though he said most of the choir singers do.

Things are starting to turn around for me, I can feel it.

It's almost like Thanksgiving again, and I can list all the things making me happy now: Lop, my friends, Marion's parents, my Dad coming to visit, Mom being okay, and now maybe singing in a choir.

And you. It's been very important to me to have you to talk to.


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