my kitten

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Day 11

I found a kitten today in the carport next door. I'm pretty sure it's a stray. It only has one ear—the other is torn completely off. It makes the kitten look a little evil.

It acted really hungry, so I took some lunchmeat from our fridge and fed it. It only bit my hand twice.

I'm going to call it Lop. I snuck it into my bedroom, and I'll feed it twice a day, once in the morning and once after I get home from school. As long as Mom is busy staring at the ceiling, she'll never notice. Even if she does find out, I can always say, but I've had this kitten for a long time. Don't you remember?

Only problem with this plan is, now I have to live at home. No more sneaking out to stay over at Marion's. Still, with a kitten, I won't mind it so much.


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