out on bail

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Day 22

Okay, Mom's out of jail. I found out "bail" is spelled like "jail", but with a "b". It's money somebody pays to get you out of jail, in case you run away. If you run off, they get to keep the money. It's amazing how much I'm learning!

I wonder who paid for Mom to get out? I thought it was Marion's mom first, but she said no, she wouldn't have done that even if she could afford to. She sounded really mad that Mom got out of jail, so I believe her.

I don't have to go back and live with Mom, either. The policewoman came and talked to Marion's mom and dad late yesterday, and asked if they would still take care of me. They said yes!

Best news of all—I get to bring Lop over here. According to the policewoman, I can't go home even to feed the kitty, so we have to go collect Lop together. Marion's dad said we can sleep together in the guest room.

So I went with the policewoman to pick up my kitty and my clothes before Mom gets there. It's funny, whenever she mentions my Mom, this cop seems much tougher than the two men who arrested Mom.

Got to run. Marion still doesn't know about you.


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