quiet afternoon

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Day 13

Lop is so funny, woke me up this morning chasing a fly in the window. The fly was between the glass and the screen, and couldn't escape, and Lop couldn't reach it. So much buzzing and mewing, and Lop's claws on the glass.

It made me think of the way I felt the other night when I was wishing so hard for something magic or miraculous to save me.

I found out who the man on the TV was that night. He's the President, George Bush. I feel really stupid that I didn't know that, but I didn't. I knew who Scott was that set Mom off, though. I'm not totally ignorant.

I got Mom a new pair of gloves for Christmas, really nice ones with leather on the palm. They're supposed to be driving gloves, but Mom will like them anyway. She can't drive anymore, and we don't have a car anyway. I took off the tag that said "driving gloves" when I took the price tag off.

I got Lop a new shoe-string and a big paper bag from the grocery store on the corner by school. This kitty has a HUGE thing for shoestrings! I can hardly get my shoes tied when Lop is around.

I'll wrap Mom's present for Christmas morning, but I won't make Lop wait. Kitties don't understand waiting or Christmas—and the longer it is until Mom finds out about Lop, the better.

Oh, I got some kitty food at the grocery too, so the bag will smell just right to Lop.


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