shopping for presents

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Day 12

No school this week, we're on "session break". Mom won't let me put up Christmas decorations, and I don't think she's been out of the house to get presents. I got my present early (Lop, my kitten). So I decided to shop for something to cheer her up.

I called Marion, but she didn't answer. I think her family might have gone to visit someone out of state. Anyway, I can go by myself.

It's hard to figure out what to buy for Mom. She doesn't need clothes, and I can't afford anything very expensive. She doesn't read much, so a book won't work. No sense getting her something for the kitchen. Besides, I don't think that will help her get out of the dumps.

What she really needs is a boyfriend, I guess.

I'll find something for Lop while I'm shopping too. Kittens are easier - they love shoestrings and paper bags, and play with dust bunnies. Lop makes this my best Christmas ever!


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