talking to the police

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Day 20

First, it's tsunami. I saw it on a newspaper someone left at the mall.

Second, Mom had some friends over to dinner last night, and gave me cash to go to Mickey D's. (She never does that, so I knew it must be real important to get me out of the house.)

They were still there, drinking and talking, when I came back. I just went to my room to play with Lop.

I can't stand the smell of the cigarettes they smoke, anyway.

This morning there was a pile of beer bottles in the trash, and they had eaten all the left-over turkey roll and cranberry. Mom was still in bed, so I made myself a plain omelet and sat down to eat it in front of the TV.

There was a knock, so I looked through the door and saw two policemen outside. I opened the door, and one said, "Can we come in and talk to your mother?" (He was really nice, he could have called me "kid," but he didn't.)

I said Mom was still asleep, but they could come in and I would go wake her up.

The nice cop said they wanted to talk to me anyway. The other one didn't say anything, just looked like he smelled something bad. He went into the kitchen, and the nice said, "I want to talk to you about Nick Samenthos." I never knew Nick's last name, but I knew who he meant.

I said okay, what did they want to ask?

The nice cop said they were investigating some drug that Nick had, and someone had seen me talking to him just before he died. What could I tell him about that?

I told him about the blue plastic packets and about Nick's whiffing that got him fired from his first job after high school.

Then the other cop came out of the kitchen with a big baggie full of something, and the nice cop went quiet too. Finally he asked me to have Mom come downstairs.

When she did, they arrested her.

So I sat in the police station for most of the morning. Finally they let me come home "to take care of my pets." There is a policewoman downstairs watching TV while I type this.

I don't know where I will be tomorrow.


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