tragedy big and small

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Day 18

Mom was washing dishes when I came downstairs this morning. I was so surprised, I just stood there for a long time. She had made hot cereal for herself and was out the pot.

When I said "Hi, Mom!" she just smiled at me and said I had some cereal if I wanted it, in a bowl by the microwave.

She told me she had seen on TV that a giant wave had crashed into India or Vietnam or something, and lots of people were dead. "Right after Christmas!" she said, like it was against the law to have a tidal wave so close to the holiday.

I made an excuse to go over to Jack's and see what he got for Christmas, and left.

On my way, I passed the Jack's church where the party was. Wow, I can hardly believe it was only two nights ago. There was a police car pulled up in front of the church, and two policemen outside, near one side of the church steps.

Nick was sitting on the ground in the corner of the steps and the wall. His skin looked kind of blue, the same color as the plastic packets he had the other day.

I realized he was dead before the cops saw me there.

I kept walking toward Jack's house, wondering if he knew about the dead body.

No one was home at Jack's house. Now where do I go? Anywhere but home, where Mom is so happy even with all those dead people on the TV.

I'll spend the day at the mall.


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