two times blue

Week 1

Day 8

There isn't a color for what I feel today. I heard Marcus has gone to live in Ohio with his cousins. Nobody seems to know what happened to his folks. Marion said she heard they had a big fight about moving somewhere, Marcus' mom threw a plate at his dad, and then they both walked out and left Marcus at home with his sister overnight.

I don't know how Marion finds out this stuff. I used to think it came from her folks, but since I've been living there, I haven't heard either of them say anything about Marcus or his parents.

My Mom is still in the hospital, but I think she might come home tomorrow. But what if she doesn't? Or what if she moves away like Marcus' folks, and I have to go live with my Dad?

I used to think I was safe at home, that whatever else happened in the world there was Mom and me, and it wouldn't change anything inside our house. But now I keep seeing all these outside events making big waves in my life, in Marcus's, even in Marion's.

I don't know anything I can do about it.


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