wiping the board with my sleeve

Day 1

Day 2

Okay, today wasn't too bad. Until lunchtime anyway. I had my assignments done for once, and my first-hour teacher (science) let me skip the whole 50-minute hour because I told her my religion didn't allow me to dissect frogs. I'll be okay until she talks to my Mom and finds out we're officially atheists.

Hey, Marion said we could even sue the school for letting me out of something due to religion, like it's not supposed to make any difference. Marion knows all kind of things because she went to Hawaii once and hung out with a lot of older surfer chickies. I listen really close when Marion talks, maybe I'll learn something.

Lunchtime was gudawful, though. First the monitors said I had to take off my hat in the lunchroom, and I didn't know the whole back of my hair was sticking straight up like I got jacked into the wall or somethin'. Then I had to listen to this table of guys from my first-hour talk about their frogs. Like I could even handle that at lunch.

Then it got quiet, because Marcus started crying all of a sudden, just sobbing right there at the table. His buds tried to find out what was wrong, but he just started hitting at them, and finally the monitors took him away.

I asked Marion what's that about, and she said I dunno, and we tried to eat our food, but it just didn't taste right any more.

I wonder if Marcus will be in school tomorrow?


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