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Day 10

I saw Nick this afternoon, and remembered how he had lost his job. I wanted ask him what the guy on the TV had to do with it, but he was doing some kind of deal with a really hard guy named PD or Petey.

Marion kept tugging me away from him, so I just waved and went on by.

Mom is still vegged out in the living room. I don't think she ever went to bed last night, so she didn't realize I never slept at home. Tonight I can ask to "sleep-over" with Marion, and maybe she'll say yes.

If not, I'll just slip out again.

This can't last forever, even if it feels like it now. Maybe I'll get used to Mom being so flat and not there. Maybe Dad will call the school and I can go live with him. Maybe Mom will win the lottery.

Maybe I'll quit wishing for the moon.


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