first monday

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Day 3

Mom saw me this morning with Marion and her mom at the store, and came over to shout at Marion's mom. It was really embarrassing; she was dressed except for her shoes. She just had her fuzzy slippers on.

Marion's mom got more quiet the louder Mom shouted, except I noticed her grip on the handle of the shopping cart was very tight. We just stood in the bread aisle while Mom screamed and her face got red. Then Marion's mom said, "Are you through?" It was almost a whisper.

I stayed behind Marion and her mom, you better believe it!

The mall security guys came in, and Mom left before they got to us. I was shaking pretty hard, but Marion's mom was amazing—she went up to the check-out and got the groceries paid for, then we went out to the car.

It was funny, though. We sat in the car for almost 20 minutes before she started the engine. She would put her hands on the steering wheel, then shake her head and drop them in her lap again.

I guess she was shaken up after all.


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