new beginning

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Day 1

We all slept late this morning, except Lop. Marion's mom and dad took her to a party last night, so they were up late to see in the new year. Marion is still sort of asleep.

I dreamed about Granpa last night. It was a good dream, he was talking to me face to face. I never met him, really, so I've been trying real hard to remember what his face looked like in the dream. It's funny, though, I just keep thinking of Dad's face and the President's face.

Lop woke me up this morning chasing the edge of my blanket where it hangs down off the fold-away bed. Then Lop climbed up the end of the bed and bounced on my feet for a while, and made it hard to remember my dream.

Eventually, I gave up and got up to feed the kitty.


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