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Day 2

I went to church this morning with Marion and her parents. It felt really weird to be there. I tried to explain to Marion's mom last night that we are atheists, but she just said, "Not while you live in our house, dear."

Marion said it would be fun to go, because we would meet some of the other kids from school afterward.

It surprised me because it wasn't anything like when I went to the choir concert with Jack. First, their church is really quiet, and they barely sing at all, except once in a while they sing just one line. There were lots of people there.

Second, there was almost no sermon. Mom used to tell me that church was sitting for hours, listening to a guy drone on and on about hell and sinning. (Actually, I thought that might be kind of interesting.) But there was none of that in this service.

Maybe she was thinking of a different church.


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